The Nashville Demos

by Adam Bruce

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released March 2, 2016

All songs by Adam Bruce Bartelt. Performed by Adam Bruce and April Lynn. Performed live and recorded straight to tape on two microphones on March 27, 2015 at Inglewood SoundBarn, Nashville, TN. Mastered March 2, 2016 by Phil Young at Wabi Sound, Des Moines, IA.



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Adam Bruce Des Moines, Iowa

Adam Bruce is a Des Moines-based Prairie Soul singer and songwriter. Adam's honest, direct songwriting reflects his rural Midwestern upbringing while his vocal howl recalls an impassioned Southern revival. Adam currently performs as a duo with his wife April Lynn. For over 15 years, Adam has worked with Des Moines bands, most recently fronting alt-country group the New Bodies. ... more

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Track Name: Picture in My Pocket
It was hot the day / we cut out and ran away / pulling onto I-35 south / with our bags in tow / on our way to Mexico / we watched the sun fall down / as we rolled through town / looking for a hotel or a bar / you were fast asleep / all sprawled out on my backseat / I love you so much / darling you know what / I keep your picture in my pocket / and in my heart is where I lock you up again / I never listened good / not half the way I should / no one ever taught me how to be / when I turned 21 / I bought myself a gun / now darling I'm afraid / look at all the mess we made / no one's gonna want to help us know / so let's just shut our eyes / be glad that we are still alive
Track Name: Born Again Christian
The man in the window, he got tricked / when systems showed that it was rigged / but still too little to convict / so he got out his shotgun / and he wrote out his mission / but before he could sign it / he was born again christian / the girl dressed up in the fancy clothes / takes her nutrition up the nose / but she's so radiant, she glows / we loved every inch / but on a drive Sunday morning / she lost her direction / and she sunk in the ocean / the man built her a temple / and he laid on the altar / he said God can't kill angels / so he couldn't fault her / give me a reason / to stay for forever / if I could join her
Track Name: Ain't Gonna Wait
he's looking for his chance / playing on the weekends with that goddamn guitar band / sending his new demo out to L.A. and to Nashville, Tennessee / got his girl's name at the door / she used to come on Saturdays but she don't come no more / but when he's standing up on stage the lights can make it hard to see / you can't raise a family while you're having fun / you can't buy a big old house with a stack of ones / your brother and your sister, your friends and that one girl you used to date / they ain't gonna wait / sleeping on a couch / he used to have his own place until the landlord kicked him out / getting by on fast food and whatever he can get that's cheap or free / so what's the second step / waiting on tomorrow but today ain't got here yet / counting down the hours and thinking about where he would rather be
Track Name: Black Montana Night
he was only seven on the day his daddy died / how his momma cried / she put away the pictures / she boxed up their possessions and sold the family home / forever we will roam / we can’t be cut down if we keep moving / they rolled through the hayfields on a black Montana night / without a soul in sight / the humming of the tires told the story of the highway / and everywhere they’d been and won’t return again / every roadside marker a reminder / you run away, the scars remain / they never disappear / they point the way from where you came / and they echo in your ear / the sea lay out before him, his country lay behind / oh he walked that faithful line / even when he stumbled / into the icy water where he laid his burdens down / never to be found / letting go as he was slipping under